Convocation 2021

Convocation is our annual ceremony where we recognize the start of the school year and the coming together of our community for the purpose of learning. Except for last year, we have performed this ritual for the past 124 years, ever since our founders Agnes Lowell and Caroline Crisfield first opened the doors to Waynflete on September 21,1898. Thousands of students, teachers, and staff have walked the halls and pathways before you, and today we mark the continuation of that tradition. Our ceremony today marks the first time we have been together as an entire community since the beginning of the pandemic.

Our Convocation theme is about growing connections. The prompt shared with our speakers comes from a quote by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”  We chose this theme this year for the obvious reason that the bonds that connect us all together have frayed over the 19 months of this pandemic. Building and sustaining communities must be an intentional act and I hope you will listen closely to each of our student, faculty, and staff speakers as they share their thoughts on this theme.